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Shelbie Love
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hello all! I have been a Deviant since July 9th 2009! But sadly I had to jump around do run away from stressfull things on my original account.

I love cars, love taxidermy, am an animal lover, love to draw, hike in the woods, drive on old back roads to find new places and many other things!

I have a few pets, ok well maybe more than a few! I have 7 cats, 2 dogs, a snake and a horse!
HELLO ALL! I finally got my computer to not be a bitch >:V so I will be uploading Ref's of some of my oc's. So I'm sorry if a spam a bit but I do hope you enjoy them!

Sev out~


Rausshazeal ~ Car Ref~ 2017
First Name: Rausshazeal
Last Name: Azeal
Nickname(s): Raus, death, murderer, Killer, Rapist, pawn of hell, alien, psycho, beast.
Make: Dodge
Model: Viper
Year: (I forgot)
Age: Trillions of years old
Birthday: Unknown, Was born on another planet
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Fiery yellow 
Origin: from another planet
Lives: In a temple hidden in a mountain 
Known Parents: Unknown, he killed his parents
Known Siblings: Candyman
Known Sons: Stain, Steal (only two sons that made it past birth)
Known Daughters: (killed them before they could be born)
Married/mated/paired: None (he calls them slaves :T )
Likes: Pain, agony, torture, fear, rape.
Dislikes: everything.
Job: to make everyones life worse than hell


Color: Blood red
Food: the flesh of others
Animal: N/A
Ice Cream Flavor: N/A
Season: N/A
Month: N/A
Day of Week: N/A
Type of Music: N/A

Personal Information

Sexual Orientation: He rapes anything that moves.
Strengths: N/A 
Weaknesses: has none
Car he/she is closest to: N/A
Car he/she is farthest from: Stain
Glasses?: N/A
Contacts?: N/A
Braces?: N/A
Tattoos: N/A
Habits?: N/A
Obsessions?: Killing, Murder, Torture, Rape
Physical Disorders or diseases: Literally has not heart, it is was causes him to be the monster he is.
Mental Disorders or diseases: VARY fucked up in the head.
Virgin?: NO
Lost his/her virginity to: Unknown
Smoker/Drinker: No/No

Rasu, Stain, Steal- :iconrebelslove:
Severa ~Main Oc Car Form Ref~ 2017
First Name: Severa
Middle Name: Koi
Last Name: Lupus
Nickname(s): Sev, Sevvy, Fluffy
Make: Ford
Model: Cobra Mustang
Year: 2011
Age: 467
Birthday: December 13
Gender: Female
Eye Color: Ice Blue
Origin: Unknown
Lives: Tennessee
Known Parents: 
Father- Stain, Satan
Mother- Mother earth
Known Siblings: Half Siblings
Known Sons: Lamoire, Soldier, Zayn
Known Daughters: Haylie, Ziva
Love Interest(s): N/A
Married/mated/paired: Mated to Chess <3
Likes: Being With family and friends, helping others, fast/slow drives, being in the woods, swimming, dancing.
Dislikes: Assholes, being cheated on, liars, being alone, being used.
Job: N/A


Color: Blue, Black
Food: Home cooked meals
Animal: Wolf
Ice Cream Flavor: Chocolate
Season: Winter
Month: April
Day of Week: N/A
Type of Music: Likes mixes of music

Personal Information

Sexual Orientation: straight
Strengths: Her stubbornness
Weaknesses: Heart kind heart
Car he/she is closest to: Chess, Gentleman, Melly
Car he/she is farthest from: Satan, her mother
Glasses?: No
Contacts?: No
Braces?: No
Tattoos: No
Habits?: N/A
Obsessions?: Her lover
Physical Disorders or diseases: N/A
Mental Disorders or diseases: N/A
Virgin?: No
Lost his/her virginity to: Rush
Smoker/Drinker: No/Yes

Sev, Rush, Stain, Mother Earth, 
Lamoire, Soldier, Zayn, Haylie, Ziva- :iconrebelslove:

Melly, Gentleman- :iconlamborghinilly:

Anna, Chess- :iconpanbeerry:


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